Thank You For Attending The Utilization Management Webinar

January 3, 2016

Thank you to all who attended our recent webinar titled Analyzing Trends in Utilization Management: A Focus on Regulations! This session reviewed information on the scope, licensure requirements, reviewer qualifications and the ways in which utilization management (UM) services are often integrated into a dynamic “care coordination” approach that may incorporate case management and disease management services.

To access the webinar recording, please click here.

In addition to focusing on regulatory trends, the webinar offered an overview of RegQuest™, a regulatory compliance tool that was developed by EBG Advisors in conjunction with Schooner Strategies. This resource provides health plans, regulators and others with invaluable information regarding current regulations and laws. As a result of its extensive subject matter, RegQuest is a must-have resource for those health care professionals, compliance staff, benefit administrators, consumers, government officials and others who require a better understanding of the UM process.

Each module of RegQuest contains:

  • Content reviewed by the nation’s leading experts and regulators
  • Direct links and references to state statutes
  • Quarterly reviewed content and real-time updates as they become available
  • Summarized regulatory requirements in easy-to-follow templates
  • Access to surveys and trends analysis not available elsewhere
  • Up-to-date list of regulatory contacts

To schedule a demo of RegQuest, please email us at For more information on the subscription, please visit